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No one enjoys spending hours on IT support calls. So give your users time back by offering context-based support and guidance, so they can focus on their actual tasks – and are not frustrated by trying to figure out complex workflows.

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Most software is not as self-explanatory as expected

Modern software is often being advertised as “intuitive” and “self-explanatory”. However, reality shows that people still struggle with complex workflows, require more support than ever before, and are frustrated that software issues keep them from getting work done.

Lost productivity

Users struggle to learn the basics of a tool, fail to complete key tasks in their day-to-day work, and are stopped from doing their job effectively.

Overloaded support teams

Dealing with redundant questions after every small process change massively increases the workload for support teams.

Exploding cost

More software and frequent updates require scalable support systems – or a massive cost increase for manual assistance.

How to overcome challenges

Offer in-app support

Provide workflow guidance and support content right in your application, and ensure your users always have the information they need at hand.

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in-app support

React quickly, scale faster

Userlane enables you to create and maintain support content within minutes. If you realize your users struggle, you can react fast, publish help content and immediately make it available to your complete user base.

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Learn and improve

Knowing where your users struggle is the key to a great support experience. Userlane helps you analyze user interaction rates and track the performance of your content assets to see what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve user experience.

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Userlane - software usage simplified

The emerging technology for IT leaders

Investing in and rolling out new software is one of the many responsibilities that IT leaders manage.  Implementing new technology however, can result in a high number of IT support requests from confused and frustrated users, causing costs to rise. 

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What you can expect

icon Happy users

Happy users

If your users understand your software and get work done smoothly, they will feel less frustrated and more empowered.

icon Fewer budget risks

Fewer budget risks

Userlane helps you scale your support and mitigate the risk of sudden cost increases caused by exploding support requests.

icon Top-tier support experience

Top-tier support experience

By automating process guidance and the most common requests, support teams can better focus on high-priority requests.

Userlane - software usage simplified

Userlane in action

See how Userlane creates a delightful software experience on Wikipedia.


“We learned over time how to leverage Userlane to its fullest potential. In addition to the initial onboarding, Userlane now functions as a communication tool and first-line of support”
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lower support costs
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Automate your support operations with one single click.

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