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The Road to Digital Disruption

Digital Transformation occurs in two stages: 

  • change management and
  • execution.

Our ebook presents the first discoveries of our ongoing research on key areas of digital disruption that cover:

The most notable and distinctive aspects and elements of digital transformation

Its stages

The roadmap for companies that are in the process of driving digital transformation

Examples of best practices

A list of services and products that enable or facilitate digital transformation

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Featuring these companies and many more:

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Digital transformation is a redirection of corporate strategy that affects every aspect of the company. Particularly, the strategy is linked to changes in the management mentality and the scope of operational and non operational activities aimed at creating a flawless customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.

The implementation of such a strategic approach often requires businesses to adopt numerous software applications that serve the purpose of streamlining and automating processes in order to collect more data, increase speed, and comply with the new market requirements.

Together with important concepts connected to customer journey and customer experience, our paper introduces a list of companies that enable or facilitate digital disruption and which are currently playing a vital role in digitalization.

About the contributors

Sean Si

CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker and Qeryz.

"Keep testing. Never take anything at face value. Even customers don't know what they want. Test everything to get to the truth through data."

Per Made

CCO/Co-founder at

"As a media buyer, it is essential to track and measure the cost efficiency across every network, platform, and publisher in a consistent way. No matter what your ads are selling, there is an ROI, and you need to know what it is, at all times. Until now very few ad tech tools were created to empower the central player in the media market - the buyer."

Johannes Müller

Co-Founder/CEO of Workpath.

"Digitization is first and foremost about a transformation of culture and leadership. Organizations need to develop into ecosystems of dynamic teams and enabling leaders that manage work around shared values and clear, measurable goals."

Meira Primes

CMO at Cloudyn

"Cloudyn's cloud management solution addresses the unique challenges attributed to data transformation in the cloud, as experienced by enterprises. Each cloud provider has a different offering and structure, and Cloudyn helps companies to gain visibility and accountability into their hybrid multi-cloud deployments - through a unified dashboard - to subsequently achieve confident growth and maximum efficiency."

Dr. Guido Wölky

Manager Strategic Alliances at SuperOffice GmbH

“Everything we do and think about at SuperOffice has to do with sales. Our aim is to help our customers to find, catch and keep their customers. Today it is already obvious for us that we not only automate sales processes through our software and individual CRM user plans. We also integrate and network our solution with other processes and software solutions along the entire value and supply chains. This is essential because it is the only way to provide our customers’ employees with the most relevant information in sales, marketing and service within SuperOffice CRM.”

Gabriel Frasconi

Director Central and Southern Europe, Zendesk

“There are a number of challenges faced by mid to large sized businesses and many of them relate to the growing power of the customer in the expectation economy. Customers now expect companies to anticipate the issues even before they arise. When an interaction is necessary, it has to be frictionless and simple...not only to submit, but as importantly to solve. A well served customer will turn into an ambassador. And that's what Zendesk is for. Above all, it helps a business turn interactions into lasting customer relationships.”

Nick Churick

Marketing communications manager at

“It’s amazing how ‘digital’ took roots in our everyday lives and in nearly every business area. What's even more fascinating is its development rate. The future huge spread and evolution of digital technologies are inevitable. Any business, that is not eager to adopt and evolve accordingly, will get extinct. Digital Evolution will follow.”

Carol Luong

Business Development - North America at Leadfeeder

"There is no longer a line between marketing and sales. And if there still is a line, you’re likely losing out on thousands of dollars in opportunities, if not millions. Technology can help you streamline data and processes between marketing and sales. Embrace it or fall behind."

Catharina van Delden

Founder and CEO Innosabi

“Digital transformation does not end with digital products or services. The companies who lead their industries into the digital future are the ones who also enable the transformation of organizations and culture. Strict boundaries and rigid processes have to make way for new forms of openness and collaborative ecosystems. It is no coincidence that the core principles of agile software development offer the best possible guidance for the successful digital transformation of entire corporations.“

Juuso Lyytikkä

Head of Growth with

"Leveraging automation is crucial for any business hoping to stay in the game and grow."