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With so many software tools at your disposal, it is extremely difficult for people to keep up and adapt to various technologies. Userlane helps you get a quick glance into the user behavior, engagement, and adoption trends across your tech stack, all in one place.

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With Userlane you can

See all insights at a glance

Gain a new perspective on user behavior and engagement with a single dashboard.

Make better decisions

Collect in-depth insights about your software adoption, assess results and take a quick action.

Speed up software adoption

Better understand your user journeys, make necessary changes and improve user satisfaction.

Measure your success

Assess success of your digital efforts and objectives by evaluating how people across different audience segments interact with your software. Stay on top of the engagement trends by tracking individual performance of your guides and announcements. Iterate quickly and make better targeted decisions.

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Measure your success
Get real time insights

Get real-time insights

Understanding your users, how they interact with your software and where they get stuck is key to the success of your software. With Userlane analytics dashboard you gain insights into the feature and process adoption within your application and can make informed content creation decisions based on actual user behavior and needs.

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Optimize user experience

Userlane’s powerful and intuitive analytics dashboard provides all necessary input for you to see what works, what doesn’t and how to improve user experience. See what content people engage with and use that information to make necessary improvements and enhance your user experience.

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Optimize user experience

Why Userlane

icon Friendly and intuitive interface

Friendly and intuitive interface

Our solution is designed to put the user first, that’s why no analytics knowledge or special training is required.

icon Easy to use

Easy to use

We help you detect patterns in the blink of an eye, revealing both everyday and future opportunities.

icon Your privacy is our responsibility

Your privacy is our responsibility

Data security is our top priority, that’s why we ensure to comply with the highest market standards.

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Instantly boost user adoption

Make the most of your software with every in-app interaction. Create a very personalized experience for your users, so they can discover the full value of your application and keep coming back for more.

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