Es dreht sich alles um Menschen

Wir glauben, dass Technologie für die Menschen da ist und nicht andersherum! 

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Schließen Sie sich uns an

Wir unterstützen Software-Nutzer weltweit, indem wir ein wirklich begeisterndes Erlebnis mit unseren interaktiven, schrittweisen Guides schaffen.

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Arbeiten und wachsen

Wir glauben, dass sowohl das Unternehmen als auch seine Mitarbeiter sich gegenseitig helfen, die beste Version ihrer selbst zu werden. Deshalb wollen wir, dass Sie lernen und wachsen, während Sie Ihre allerbeste Arbeit leisten.

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Top Standort

Ein gutes Arbeitsumfeld ist wichtig. Das Userlane HQ bietet Ihnen einen modernen Büroraum im trendigen Werksviertel in der Nähe des Ostbahnhofs.

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Flexible Arbeitszeiten

Das Leben ist unvorhersehbar und verläuft nicht immer nach Plan. Kommen Sie, wenn Sie Ihre beste Arbeit leisten können.

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Arbeit von zu Hause aus

Manchmal braucht man Zeit, um sich auf sich selbst zu konzentrieren. Arbeiten Sie bis zu zwei Mal pro Woche von zu Hause aus.

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Firmen-Offsite & Veranstaltungen

Wir halten es für wichtig, ab und zu mal rauszukommen, sei es zu einem Abendessen in der Stadt oder zu einem Ausflug in die Berge.

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Mit den Besten arbeiten

Die größte Belohnung für Kreative und kluge Köpfe ist die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen begabten Menschen.

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Keine Kleiderordnung

Die Kleidung diktiert nicht, wie gut man arbeitet! Sie können einen Anzug, Shorts, Kapuzenpullover tragen – im Grunde alles, was Sie wollen. (Aber kommen Sie bitte nicht nackt!)

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Neu in der Stadt?

Der Umzug in eine neue Stadt bringt Herausforderungen mit sich. Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Ansiedlung in München und bieten Ihnen Umzugshilfe.

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Kontinuierliches Lernen

Sie haben Ihr eigenes persönliches Entwicklungsbudget, das Sie für Kurse, Veranstaltungen, Konferenzen und vieles mehr verwenden können. Außerdem haben Sie Zugang zu Online-Kursen und unserer internen Bibliothek.

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Prämien für Empfehlungen

Wenn Sie jemanden kennen, der hervorragend zu Userlane passt, und er wird eingestellt, erhalten Sie eine aufregende Prämie für Ihre hervorragende Empfehlung!

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Kümmern Sie sich um Ihre Zukunft

Userlane leistet Beiträge zu Ihrem Rentenfonds und stellt sicher, dass die Arbeit, die Sie jetzt leisten, Ihnen später im Leben zugute kommt.

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Und viele mehr

Haben Sie einen besonderen Wunsch oder Bedarf?
Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf!

Ehrgeizige Menschen

Es geht darum, neugierig und ehrgeizig zu sein

Wir wissen, dass sich auf eine neue Stelle zu bewerben und diese anzunehmen, in jedem Unternehmen Mut erfordert.
Sehen Sie sich deshalb einige Leute an, die ihr Glück versucht haben.


Say 👋 to Dominic, one of our awesome Business Development Managers👨‍💼. Dominic will ensure that Userlane builds strong and exceptional relationships with our customers 🤝! Dominic grew up in Weiler-Simmerberg, a small village near Bodensee, Germany, and one day, he would like to climb Mt. Everest🗻. INSANE!! When he is not in the office, you will most likely find him in his element climbing 🧗‍♂️, swimming 🏊, or performing martial arts🥋. He chose Userlane because working here means CONNECTIVITY to him! How about planning a trip to Mt. Everest with Dominic? Join the Userlane team today and you can! Go check out what’s available – we look forward to having you on our team! 😃


It’s time for Felix, our Head of Sales and Business Development 👔, to get a shoutout! Felix explores how SaaS companies can grow with us. Because of him, we’re one step closer to conquering the world! Not only does he oversee all sales ops, he’s our office’s fitness guru. Between cycling to work 🚴🏻‍♂️ and training for a half marathon, he’s got his health in check ✅ If you can’t match him physically, find him at any of the local ‘Meetup’ or startup events in Munich! Want to help cheer for Felix as he crosses the finish line? Apply for a position today!


Hey there, Dan! Our Full Stack Software Engineer comes to us all the way from the UK! Sticking true to those British 🇬🇧 roots, Dan loves to enjoy a nice game of badminton during his free time. Some of his other hobbies include playing video games, creating code… and taking care of his kids (can it be a hobby if it’s mandatory 🧐). His biggest accomplishment? He’s not dead yet! 💢 Already the proud father to two, we’re thankful and lucky to have Dan work on Userlane’s software solution like his third 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧… Looking to join our growing family, too? Apply for a position today!


Let’s give a shout out to the magical Margaret (Maggie for short) 👋 . Maggie comes all the way from Pennsylvania where she grew up on a farm that her ancestors built 300 years ago! Seriously, HOW cool?! But even cooler: she grew up with a donkey named Lollipop and lots of kittens 🐈🐈 . Besides Pennsylvania, Maggie lived in NYC and studied at one of the best journalism schools in the US 🎓. At Userlane, Maggie is an International Business Development Manager, helping us optimise our customers’ user experience. Away from the office, you’re likely to catch her shopping at flea markets and taking spontaneous weekend trips. Userlane in one word for Maggie? Gaudi (Bavarian for fun 🎉). Keen to join the awesome Maggie and have some ‘gaudi’ around the office with us? What are you waiting for? Apply now!


Shout out to our seriously cool Customer Success Expert, Maria! Maria comes from Madrid, Spain, but her studies and work experience have given her the awesome opportunity to live in exciting places such as Victoria, Canada 🇨🇦, Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭, and Dresden, Germany🇩🇪. Outside of work, you will find her having a good time dancing to Latino music 💃, bouldering, or doing yoga. She also enjoys watching Rick & Morty on Netflix. And the one place she would love to visit is Formentera (Google it 😉). If you want to learn how to Salsa, then Maria would love to teach you! So why not join our team and send us your application! We look forward to it! 😃


Time to introduce the lovely Kim, who comes from a teeny tiny German village near the Dutch border. She’s our UX researcher! Apart from loving to ride her bicycle everywhere 🚴, she loves trail running, climbing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing ⛷️. Some really cool facts about Kim: she spent a year in South East Asia, she loves the feeling of freedom she gets when standing on top of a mountain 🏔️, and she enjoys reading a lot 📖. At Userlane, Kim looks forward to developing an intuitive and beautiful solution that our users love. And what does Userlane mean for Kim: Team spirit. Give us a U, U! Give us an S, S! Give us an E, E! 📣👊 Ok, you know where this is going. Why not add to our team spirit and join us! Apply today! 😃


Everyone say hi to Jonathan, our Entrepreneur in Residence / Head of Strategic Partnerships. Jonathan was born in Starnberg but has lived most of his life in Munich. He also lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts 🇺🇸 and Milan, Italy 🇮🇹. And get this: Jonathan took a 4-month trip around the world 🌍.  How cool! He also co-founded a company that provides shared music rehearsal rooms to bands and solo musicians 🥁. At work, Jonathan is passionate about personal development, business strategies, automation, and the beauty of SaaS. Want to talk about the beauty of SaaS with Jonathan? And are you looking for a new shift in your career? Awesome because we are hiring! 👩🏻💻


Let’s give it up for Katharina, our Head of Finance 👏. Katharina was born and raised near Dortmund in Germany and she has lived in Brisbane 🇦🇺, Innsbruck 🇦🇹, Düsseldorf 🇩🇪 , Hamburg 🇩🇪, Shanghai 🇨🇳, and Barcelona 🇪🇸. Amazing! When she is not working, you will find her in the mountains, doing sports (climbing, hiking, skiing), or catching up with friends for a beer 🍺 at a lake. One day, she would love to visit Iceland 🇮🇸 among many other places on her “travel list.” Katharina joined Userlane because work here means DIVERSITY 🌏 to her. We couldn’t agree more 😊. Why not make Userlane even more diverse and join us today! Apply now! 😃


Time to introduce Ion, our Graphic Designer 👨. Ion is original from Romania and left Amazon for us, where he refined just the right expertise we need to develop our visual brand identity! Because his mother was a chef, Ion is very into cooking 🍳. He doesn’t like to cook for just himself, though. Ion’s happiest when others enjoy the food he’s made- perfect for lunch time! He’s actually on a mission to find the best cheesecake in the world. So far, Dstrikt Steakhouse in Vienna is winning 🍮! Ion enjoys getting lost for hours in the many cities he travels to. He even survived for 3 days, without anything, in the Netherlands during Winter. No better way to meet people, experience a culture, and gain an incredible story! 💥Looking to embark on your very own adventure? Apply for one of our open positions today!


Let’s shine the spotlight on Wilma! She is our Business Development Intern from Konstanz (it’s on the border of Germany and Switzerland). Wilma has also lived in Zurich, Amsterdam, Oxford, and Berlin. Those are some really cool cities! Fun fact: Wilma says she can’t imagine her life without Asian food 🥡 & “Speck”! Her dream is to travel everywhere 🗺🤞 – sounds like a plan! We are excited to have Wilma onboard and happy to hear that work at Userlane means “inspiration” to her🎉🤓. Do you want to work with inspiring people like Wilma from around the 🌎? Then explore your options with us today!


Let’s introduce Veronika! She takes care of everything and everyone here at Userlane! As part of our People Team, Veronika makes sure that Userlaners feel as comfortable at work as they do at home! Veronika was born and raised in Bavaria 🥨 🍻 and lived and worked in Florence for a while🍝 🍷. Veronika and her family also just moved back from Singapore 🍜 🍵! Although her family comes first, she loves getting the best out of living in the countryside: hiking, nature, snowboarding, playing tennis when she can, and taking care of her veggie garden 👩🌾. If you want to meet the lovely Veronika and find a home at Userlane, then explore your options with us 😊. We look forward to welcoming you!


Allow us to introduce you to the awesome Alina 😃! She’s part of our Product team and works on feature requests for Userlane to ensure the best UX possible 💪! Alina was born in Kazakhstan but was raised bilingually in Germany. She’s also lived in Berlin and Augsburg but is happy here in Munich! When she has free time, she likes to go hiking in the Bavarian Mountains ⛰️ and read thriller books 📕. And she loves being a cat mom (her one cat is named Khaleesi, we love it 🐈!). If she could choose one place to visit right now, she would choose Mexico! Userlane means PASSION to her and we are happy to hear it! Want to join Alina and get a chance to see photos of Khaleesi (she’s the cutest cat, trust us!)? Then why not join us at Userlane today? Apply and see what’s in store for you! 🙌


Hei, terve, moi! That’s Finnish! Why? Because this is Santeri from Finland! He’s our Business Development Manager, and he loves talking to customers from all around the world 🌎. He also loves to create things that people love to use or be in touch with 👏. Santeri has also lived in Amsterdam where he worked for an IT corporation. And what does he do when he’s not rocking it at Userlane? Skiing, running, spending time with his girlfriend, studying computer science, and discovering new places ✈️. And fun fact: He says he can’t live without eating Apfelstrudel! Santeri is on a mission to build great things with his fellow Userlaners, so why not join Santeri and help Userlane be even greater? Apply today! 👊


Time to introduce Tracey to you 👋! Tracey is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She just completed her Master of Arts degree and wants to get her PhD in English Literature 🤓📚. And what does she do at Userlane? She’s on the Marketing team and is responsible for all things related to inbound Marketing, like social media and writing for the blog. She is passionate about writing and being creative and loves to create a positive working environment. When she’s not working, Tracey enjoys watching way too much Netflix (currently Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour is repeat) and reading (and being a cat mom 🐈!). Keen to join the awesome Userlane team and sing Taylor Swift songs with Tracey around the office? Well, good news, we’re hiring! 💪👌


Say hi to Sinan, a Full-Stack Developer! Whether it’s supporting AI integration or providing technical support to any department in need, you can always rely on Sinan’s service! Originally from Passau, Germany 🇩🇪 he’s been with Userlane since the very beginning 🙌🏽 His passions? Traveling, solving tricky problems, and cooking homestyle meals. After all, Sinan single-handedly cooked enough goulash 🥘 at this year’s holiday party to feed a small village! Want to discuss navigation software tools with Sinan over leftovers? Apply for a position today!


Greetings, Julia! 🙋‍♀️ Our Head of Product Management is in charge of all things planning and product related 📝! If she’s not translating customer needs into feature requests, you can find her enjoying the outdoors by biking, diving, or snowboarding. Always up for the healthy dose of competition, Julia once won a limbo dance competition while on vacation in the Caribbean 💃! Seeking entertainment during your workday? Julia’s got you covered! Sure to make laugh from dark humor, Julia considers herself specialized in this department 🕵️‍♀️. Sound like someone you’d like to have tea or coffee with?


Meet Haydee (how unique and lovely is her name?!), our super awesome software engineer who is super passionate about JavaScript, building apps, and problem-solving 🤓. Haydee is originally from the Mexico-US border, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. How awesome is that?! She’s also lived in San Antonio and did a summer abroad in Florence and a summer internship in Mexico City. And now she’s in Germany with us – good choice! In her free time, Haydee enjoys hiking and cooking (she particularly loves eating pizza 🍕!). If you want to join the Userlane family and learn more about how to build apps with Haydee, then what are you waiting for?! We’re looking forward to your application! 👀😃


Meet Matin, everyone! Coming all the way from Iran 🇮🇷, he’s the Full-Stack Developer who first built the Userlane dashboard. Before coming to Germany, he lived in Malaysia for 8 years and has been working since the age of 17 👶🏽 When he’s not coding, he likes watching gaming streams on Twitch and learning languages- both human and computer! Want to join Matin and the rest of our team? Apply for a position today! 


Everyone welcome our Master Frontend 🧙🏻‍♂️ Wizard, Idriss! Although humble, Idriss is a man of spectacular talent. Not only is he skilled in coding the Userlane dashboard, Idriss is an accomplished 👨‍🎤 musician! He’s won piano competitions in the past and even explores music production 🎶 during his free time. Maybe you’ll catch him playing Chopin and Liszt (no DJ tracks!) if you get lucky 🍀 After indulging in junk food during some late night engineering sessions, Idriss still finds the time to get a powerlifting set in! Ready to match this hustle? Apply for an open engineering position today!


Hey Daniel 🙋♂️, how’s it going? As one of our Engineers, Daniel helps with full-stack-development, backend-architecture, and random side projects 📝. Thanks to Daniel’s creativity and ingenuity, each office is furnished with a lightbox that flashes whenever a customer completes a userlane! When he’s not making sure the backend fulfills all of its duties in a nice way, Daniel can be found skateboarding the hallways or watering our chili plant 🌶. Having been with us since the beginning, Daniel is THE go-to WiFi handyman. On the constant quest to find a topic he doesn’t find interesting, you can talk to Daniel about anything. Looking to spark a conversation with this colleague? Apply for a position today!


Let’s give a huge hello to Tobias (The Second – we already have another Tobias here 😎). He’s one of our awesome customer success managers! Tobias hails from Saxony but has also lived and worked in Stuttgart. At work, he’s passionate about software and productivity. And when he’s not at work, you’ll find him skiing ⛷️, playing tennis 🎾, or obstacle course racing 😱! His favorite food? Pasta 🍝. Favorite place? Munich (winning). And favorite series? True Detective and Game of Thrones (good choice!). And what Userlane means to him in one word? Future. Are you looking for a future at Userlane too? Yes? Great, because we’re hiring! 😉

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