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With Userlane, employees can instantly handle any software and focus on getting things done.
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Supercharge employee productivity

Replace conventional training

Userlane is a guidance layer that goes on top of any browser-based application. Our step-by-step interactive guides lead users through all digital processes in real time.

Enable employees to operate any software 

With Userlane, everyone will be able to carry out tasks without spending time in training sessions or looking for instructions. This way, employees will be able to focus more on achieving their goals and less on how to do things.

22 min

time spent on learning how to perform tasks

“Employees spend on average 22 minutes a day trying to figure out how to accomplish tasks in software

Harvard Business Review

Instant software adoption

On-demand contextual help

With Userlane's powerful Virtual Assistant, users can access and follow step-by-step interactive guides whenever they need support.

Proactive support and training

Interactive guides can be launched in two ways: Automatically for specific training purposes or based on in-app behavior or context.

Proactive performance support helps you push adoption - even for the most advanced features.

“With Userlane, the majority of employees felt confident in using Jira and weren’t experiencing any frustration with navigating the application at all.”

Personalized real-time training

Organic learning experience

With Userlane, training happens on screen while people work at their desks. This way, employees learn through daily meaningful microlearning experiences.

Personalized training 

To maximize relevance, you can segment users and trigger tailored onboarding tours for different user groups based on role, authority, and training needs.

Lower training costs

Obsolete training solutions are linked to inefficiencies: 

  • Asynchronous learning
  • Logistical problems
  • Forgetting Curve 
  • Maintenance of learning materials 

Leave outdated training methods in the past, enhance knowledge with real-time, contextual training, and drastically cut training-related costs.


saved in training costs

“On-screen, interactive guides facilitate the process of digitization by creating immediate software adoption and allow companies to save between 50% to 80% on training costs and reduce training time by 52%, thereby significantly increasing productivity.”

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