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Nearly every organization relies on data to run its business. Userlane ensures users understand workflows, enter correct data, and comply with key processes.

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Making data-driven decisions is hard with poor data quality

If people don’t understand how to complete a workflow, false data will be entered, processes will break and reports will lead to wrong conclusions.

Incorrect data

When users lack context, they tend to enter information incorrectly or leave it out completely.

"Alternative" processes

Without the knowledge on how to complete workflows, people circumvent processes and create compliance risks.

Wrong conclusions

Incorrect data inputs often lead to misleading reporting, and as a result, a lack of insight for strategic decisions.

How to overcome challenges

Show users the correct path

Standardize and automate interactive training in your live application. By guiding your users through the common tasks, you ensure they don’t miss important fields and enter the information you need correctly.

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Provide context for key decisions

Give your users easy access to the resources they need in real-time without leaving your application. Your users can follow the steps you want them to complete without disruption to their workflows.

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Announce process changes

Announcements and notifications can remind users of critical process changes and highlight where to find more information or compliance guidelines.

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Userlane - software usage simplified

The emerging technology for IT leaders

Investing in and rolling out new software is one of the many responsibilities that IT leaders manage.  Implementing new technology however, can result in a high number of IT support requests from confused and frustrated users, causing costs to rise. 

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What you can expect

icon Higher process compliance

Higher process compliance

Make it easy for your team to do their job by streamlining operations and ensuring they complete tasks correctly.

icon Reliable reporting

Reliable reporting

Enable your users to become confident experts in working with your application and prevent them from entering incorrect data.

icon Informed decisions

Informed decisions

Ensure people always have the right knowledge and context available to make informed business decisions.

Userlane - software usage simplified

Userlane in action

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