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With Userlane customers have a stellar onboarding and product experience.

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Faster onboarding

  • Automated onboarding checklist

    Create automated onboarding tours to help customers achieve immediate results and discover and interact with key features right after signup.

  • Personalized discovery journeys

    Create segments based on the goals your customers intend to achieve and create a tailored in-software UX that leads each customer to their own desired outcomes.

  • Leverage the power of analytics

    Monitor customer interaction to optimize both your onboarding strategy and interactive guides to create smooth user flows that lead to value immediately.


decrease in onboarding time

“Userlane met the needs of our target group by offering more direct and interactive support, significantly decreasing our onboarding process”

Enhanced engagement

Keep users in your software

Support users directly in your application with in-app interactive guides so that they don’t need to abandon your platform to look for support. 

Drive in-product focus and motivation

Automatically launch interactive guides when your customers are about to tackle a complicated process.

Gradually expose them to complexity while making sure that they interact with every key feature without any frustration or delay.


increase in conversion rate

“After implementing Userlane, FreightHub increased their conversion rate by 10% and reduced customer onboarding time by 33%.

Create loyal customers

A positive UX has a direct impact on conversion, but it also sets the stage for a long-lasting relationship between your customers and your brand. 

Active users don’t churn

Happy customers who are successful with your application are more likely to become active customers.

With Userlane, you can send interactive guides via email and activate dormant accounts with interactive tours to reduce the risk of churn.

“With Userlane, you can create the perfect onboarding journey with checklists that steer users step-by-step through the ideal discovery journey for your product and its main features – all while they set up their account in real time.

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