Simplify change management processes and boost engagement

Introduce new technology and improve processes with constant interactive guidance.

Corporations worldwide use our Digital Adoption Platform to maximize:
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Introduce new processes without training or documentation

Easily introduce new software and replace conventional training with embedded onboarding tours, in-app step-by-step guidance, and continuous performance support.

  • Faster launch

    Introduce new software more easily with embedded onboarding tours, in-app step-by-step guidance and continuous performance support that replace conventional training. 

  • Personalized communication

    Segment your users and promote relevant features and processes directly within existing and new applications employees use on a daily basis.


revenue loss due to disengagement

“$7 trillion is lost annually on a global scale because of employee disengagement.

2018 Change Management Study - Gallup


Eliminate resistance to change by fighting a steep learning curve

Provide personalized assistance and foster experimentation with continuous performance support. 

  • Simplify complex new processes

    Guide employees through processes in real-time and create a safe environment in which everybody can interact with new digital processes without making mistakes.

  • Eliminate frustration

    Enable employees to become immediately proficient in any software without forcing them to attend training sessions, go through lengthy e-learning modules, tests, or tutorials, or look for instructions.

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higher in-app task completion rate with Userlane

“With Userlane on Jira, average task completion rate for employees at Deutsche Bahn went from 40% to 97%”


Maximize productivity by instantly turning users into digital experts

Userlane is designed to drive engagement with new digital processes through multilingual on-screen interactive guidance and gamification.

Permanent know-how

With Userlane, users and administrators go through daily personalized micro-learning experiences while they actually accomplish new tasks and achieve results.

Use our digital adoption platform to create DBA (database administrator), TT (train the trainer), and end-user training programs to optimize your knowledge transfer and knowledge retention strategy.

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Userlane works on thousands of web applications


Organically create new habits and new standard operating procedures

Offer employees a fully immersive and interactive experience that creates smooth and intuitive processes.

  • Drive action

    Awareness, motivation, and ability are essential prerequisites for activation and change. Userlane allows you to create specific triggers that drive action and lead to new habit formation.

  • Through proactive announcements and structured tours you’ll be able to maximize participation and adoption while automatically creating new standard operating procedures (SOP).

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“Good training and personality are equally important for the employee profile of the future. Skills demands are increasing and companies want new skills, such as the ability to manage continuous change.

Deloitte's Digital Future Readiness Study

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