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""The fact that we can easily adjust, modify, and change the step-by-step guides makes it possible for us to include new features and be flexible. Sometimes the suppliers ask us for manuals, and we can now instantly help them out with Userlane, which makes the whole support effort much more efficient.""
Carina Ronge
Project Expediting Manager
“We learned over time how to leverage Userlane to its fullest potential. In addition to the initial onboarding, Userlane now functions as a communication tool and first-line of support.”
"Linde Engineering significantly reduces user onboarding and software support costs with step-by-step interactive guidance"
The results:

decrease in training costs


faster in onboarding suppliers


decrease in support requests

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Ensuring Effective Communication With Suppliers

In 2019, Linde Engineering, a leading company in the industrial gases and engineering sector, developed a platform called SupplierConnect, which helps Linde Engineering maintain a productive working relationship with its supplier network through centralized communication.

To help users become familiar with the platform, Linde Engineering created learning resources and planned separate training sessions with each supplier. Moreover, the company also aims to keep the number of repetitive support requests to a minimum in order to save costs and help users focus on value-generating activities.

However, Linde Engineering soon realized that in addition to the time and effort it took to create such content and host sessions, the information presented would have no long-term effect on users.

Supporting Supplier Connect Users With Contextual In-App Guidance

Upon realizing that the standard training methods and support processes for SupplierConnect were insufficient for full user experience, Linde Engineering implemented Userlane’s step-by-step interactive guidance technology to (a) automate sections of the initial onboarding process and (b) provide contextual support to suppliers who perform standard tasks in the platform.

By the end of March 2020, three months after rolling out the SupplierConnect platform, Linde Engineering had successfully onboarded over 120 suppliers with Userlane.

Linde Engineering works with Userlane for the following purposes:


  1. Welcome users and provide an overview of SupplierConnect.
  2. Contextually guide users to complete processes.
  3. Support and manage the transition to SupplierConnect through proper communication.
  4. Provide links to step-by-step guides that solve questions users may have.
  5. Communicate important information about the platform with Userlane’s Promotions and Announcements features.
  6. Understand user behavior with Userlane Analytics to further optimize the platform.

Together with a Userlane Customer Success Manager, Linde Engineering continues to discover new use-cases and scenarios to drive adoption of their external- and internal-facing platforms across their entire IT landscape.

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