How SABIO automated their customer onboarding to scale successfully

"“By automating our onboarding process, we were able to provide our international clients with the support they needed - even outside of our business hours.”"
Maria Kuhn
Product Owner, SABIO
Hero Sabio
“Within 3 months, SABIO was able to significantly increase their user engagement and conversion rate with Userlane.”
"Within 3 months, SABIO was able to significantly increase their user engagement and conversion rate with Userlane."
The results:

increase in conversion rate


increase in user engagement


increase in searches per day

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Since 2000, SABIO has been providing an intelligent and efficient knowledge management software platform for customer service. Over the past two decades, SABIO, based in Germany, has grown to be a leading international knowledge management platform, and in early 2017, the company decided to automate most of their process.

Although SABIO’s knowledge management software is easy to use and understand, it takes some time for users to become familiar with the product and its features. SABIO, therefore, soon realized that automating their user onboarding process was one of the core solutions that would help them scale whilst still maintaining the high-quality of their onboarding process.

Leveraging interactive guidance to win more customers

Initially, SABIO hired additional support staff to ensure that users were onboarded successfully. However, this option soon became costly and would prevent them from scaling and maintaining a high-quality onboarding process. The company also used to offer training documents on how to use their platform in an attempt to improve user engagement, but, once again, this proved to be costly and impractical.

For this reason, SABIO had three core goals they wanted to achieve with Userlane:

1. Reduce the time it takes to create training content

The training materials SABIO created to assist with user onboarding were not interactive, complicated to create, and required time and effort to keep up-to-date. For example, a minor change in a process in the platform meant that the entire documentation had to be changed.

2. Convert more trial users

Ultimately, SABIO required a solution that could help them scale and win more customers without having to implement high-touch onboarding solutions that would be expensive to use and would make it difficult for them to scale. So, in order to convert more trial users and scale, SABIO needed to increase engagement through automated onboarding.

3. Increase user engagement

SABIO provides users with a knowledge base where they can access relevant information and data. However, their knowledge base still held greater potential for higher engagement. As this part of the software is crucial for the success of their users, SABIO needed to ensure that the usage of their knowledge base increased.

Modernizing user onboarding to scale successfully

Just three months after implementing Userlane, SABIO was able to see an impact on their business.

SABIO’s employees, who were responsible for the onboarding process, described Userlane as the “natural way” to create guides, which enabled them to make changes within minutes.

At the same time, SABIO was able to win more customers. With Userlane, SABIO increased their conversion rate by 70% and boosted in-app user engagement by 80%. Further results show that user engagement with the knowledge base increased significantly and reached an average of 20.000 search queries per day compared to 4.000 before.

Customers stated that, during their trial period, they were able to use SABIO intuitively with Userlane’s interactive step-by-step guidance.

“Userlane made it possible to give users comprehensive insight into our software solution.”

Maria Kuhn
Product Owner, Sabio

SABIO’s future with Userlane 

After witnessing the success of Userlane’s implementation in their software platform, SABIO decided to implement Userlane in different departments within their organization to leverage the full potential of interactive guidance and Userlane’s functionality.

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