How Foleon uses Userlane to provide valuable assistance to their users

"“We didn’t set KPIs to begin with, but our main focus was clear: Provide valuable assistance to users that are new to our platform. The metrics clearly show we succeeded in providing this service.”"
Dennis Loojienga
Product Marketer, Foleon
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“The ease of implementing Userlane and creating tours allows Folen to structure user guidance in a way that is personalized, efficient, effective.”
"The ease of implementing Userlane and creating tours allows Foleon to structure user guidance in a way that is personalized, efficient, effective."
The results:

Increase in trial-to-paid conversion rate


Decrease in time-to-value

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Foleon, formerly known as Instant Magazine, is a next-generation platform for deploying smart sales and marketing material. It is designed to help businesses create high-quality visual content experiences that are tailored to their respective audiences.

As part of their offering, Foleon has a sophisticated drag-and-drop editor that users use to create interactive content. However, Foleon soon realized that for their less tech-savvy users, their editor presented a steep learning curve. They decided to tackle this by redesigning their user interface and by incorporating additional methods (both automated and human) to support their users. The goal was to provide a better user experience while also improving the trial-to-paid conversion rate.

A revolutionary way to support users (and scale at the same time!)

Foleon already offered face-to-face training, webinars, support guides, and training videos, and although these options were effective, they proved difficult (and expensive) to scale. As a result, a cost-effective tool for guiding users interactively and logically through Foleon’s platform would be the perfect supplement to existing support options.

“We needed a way to properly guide new users at scale, automatically. We needed a virtual assistant, if you will. Userlane was the solution for us. It allows us to guide new users throughout our editor.”

Dennis Looijenga
Product Marketer, Foleon

Setting goals and achieving them immediately with Userlane

1. Guiding trial users step-by-step

As a SaaS company, Foleon offers users a free 7-day trial of their platform. The goal of the trial period is to allow users to explore the possibilities of the platform and nudge them towards purchasing a license.

Userlane guides trial users step-by-step, enabling users to discover the benefits of a software application immediately. Thanks to interactive guidance, there is no delay in trying to navigate the features of the software and users can experience the software immediately without having to ask for external support.

With Userlane, Foleon’s trial users are now effortlessly guided through the basics of the application, giving them the important opportunity to explore Foleon’s platform without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

2. Removing the guesswork (and frustration!) when navigating a new UI

For existing customers, Foleon wanted to help them adapt to the new interface. By implementing Userlane on top of their software, existing customers were presented with a number of interactive guides in the new UI which explained the key features and benefits of the new version of the software. For these customers, this led to increased feature adoption and engagement with the platform.

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When everything is simply better with Userlane

When it comes to supporting trial users and new and existing customers, Userlane provides Foleon with a wealth of practical options. Through interactive guidance, users can explore all the functionalities of Foleon, giving them a deeper understanding of the software and its myriad uses. Furthermore, the ease of implementing Userlane and creating tours allows Foleon to structure user guidance in a way that is personalized, efficient, and effective.

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