Reshaping User Experience for the Product-Led Era

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    Join Userlane and SaaS expert Despina Exadaktylou for a free webinar covering the latest research on the user onboarding experience and find out what onboarding practices you need to apply to your UX strategy in order to activate growth and increase lifetime value.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How to shift from a sales/marketing-led onboarding approach to a product-led onboarding approach to optimize your go-to-market strategy
    • The high-level preliminary results of the upcoming book “The User Onboarding Funnel” based on the onboarding practices from 40 unique SaaS vendors such as Hubspot, Intercom, Autopilot and Clearbit.
    • Low-touch vs. high-touch onboarding methods and their influences on ROI
    • Effective activation and retention practices to streamline feature adoption
    • How to convert and retain more users
    • The role of user onboarding automation for a great user experience

    Featured speaker

    Despina Exadaktylou
    SaaS Consultant

    Highly experienced SaaS consultant with a focus on user experience & user onboarding practices. Despina has 5 years experience in the SaaS industry and while she is originally coming from inbound, she realized early on that her calling was related to funnel optimization (from activation to referral) and user experience. She recently launched her remote agency and since then she has embarked on a mission to map and reshape the user experience practices delivered by SaaS vendors.

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