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The Science Behind a Powerful Customer Onboarding Experience


Do you experience resistance from new customers at a time when you most expect them to be excited about your product? Do you notice customers drop off during onboarding but you aren’t sure why? The reason could be due to the inner workings of the brain. Concepts such as prospection and rumination influence your best onboarding efforts and hijack the whole experience.

Join our upcoming webinar with onboarding expert Donna Weber, to make valuable use of the science behind a successful onboarding experience and make the greatest impact on your customers.


• What role does neuroscience play in customer onboarding?
• Why first impressions matter and what formula to follow for a lasting impression
• How confirmation bias and buyers’ remorse affect customer onboarding and beyond
• How to leverage scientific methods to demonstrate value for your product and improve product adoption
• How to use cognitive closure and change management to build trust and improve customer accountability and retention

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Donna Weber

Donna Weber is President of Springboard Solutions and Principal of KickStart Alliance and specializes in the post-sales customer journey. Donna helps software companies move beyond ad hoc customer enablement by providing scalable frameworks to onboard, engage, and educate customers. Front-loading customer relationships decreases the time to a customer’s first value and increases customer total lifetime value. Prior to beginning her consulting business in 2016, Donna worked at several startups where she built Customer Success and Customer Education programs and organizations from scratch. Colleagues know Donna as a leader who makes a difference.