How to plant the retention seed while onboarding users

How to plant the retention seed while onboarding users
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    Onboarding is a mission-critical phase that defines the relationship your customers will have with your brand. The rates of activation, adoption, retention, and customer success are already determined from the very first time you onboard new users.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • “How to support users during the onboarding process to drive adoption and lead users to customer success“
    • Why onboarding is not only connected to short-term but also long-term churn“
    • The role of customer success agents in the onboarding phase“
    • Plenty of examples of tactics and hacks you can put in place to drive retention and create a strong bond with your customers from the very beginning.

    Featured speaker

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    Andy Mura
    Head of Marketing, Userlane

    Head of Marketing at Userlane. Inbound and Content Marketer, Speaker, Entrepreneur. Passionate about spreading the word about on-screen guidance and the positive effects of a great onboarding experience for SaaS companies.

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