How to Leverage Software Quality to Exceed Customer Expectations

How to Leverage Software Quality to Exceed Customer Expectations
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    Customers nowadays not only expect high quality products, they demand them. But not all software quality is the same, and it is your organization's responsibility to deliver high-grade products and features on time. Understanding the exact status of a software project at any given moment is difficult, and most of the time requires technical expertise. Join us and Mathias Weber, Product Lead from Embold where we will discuss the importance of software quality in your business, and what you can do to build and accelerate quality-driven development starting with your software quality.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How to quickly identify what "good software" is
    • Where the areas of improvement are and how to monitor the quality over time
    • How to adjust resources accordingly without the skills of highly skilled software engineers
    • How to avoid risks and reduce IT work load

    Featured speaker

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    Mathias Weber
    Product Lead, Embold

    Mathias started his career as a product manager for a large FMCG company creating and designing organic food products and packaging. After growing and refining his skills over five years, he found an opportunity to make the jump into the software industry to be a project manager. Mathias returned to the IT industry as the product manager for Embold Technologies GmbH, where he is in charge of customer-focused product development, establishing and managing the sprint backlog and product roadmap, and being the point-of-contact for all product related questions.

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