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How to Drive Adoption With in-Product Performance Support in SaaS

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Interactive step-by-step guidance is becoming a must for SaaS companies. All category leaders have already implemented step-by-step performance support to guide their users to success.

Top solutions which include contextual guidance provides users with an amazing onboarding experience, increase self-service behavior, boost engagement and retention, and to automate and scale operations that lead to a personalized in-product experience.

However, deciding to enhance your user experience through interactive performance support is only the first step. On-screen guidance is one tool you can utilize to achieve your business goals. And there are numerous other results you can achieve with it!

But to get there, you need to know what you can expect and what you need to take into account when defining your strategy, metrics, and creating your implementation plan.

Join us and Maria del Mar Mitjavila, Customer Success Manager at Userlane, for a free webinar on how you can set yourself up for success to get the most out of your interactive guidance project.

In this webinar we will cover:

○ Results you can achieve after implementing contextual guidance
○ Do’s and don’ts in your project planning
○ How to prioritize and focus on your goals
○ How to set up for short and long-term success

Some of the registered attendees:


Maria del Mar Mitjavila

A former startup advisor, Maria del Mar Mitjavila is a Customer Success Manager at Userlane. Doing what she does the best, she helps customers achieve their goals. If you want to push her buttons, just start a conversation saying that something is impossible. You’ll find yourself discussing for hours about a thousand different ways in which you can actually achieve what you want.