How to Champion a Customer Success Culture to the Rest of your Organization

How to Champion a Customer Success Culture to the Rest of your Organization
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    Join Userlane and The Success League for a free webinar discussing how you can utilize the customer-centric strategy from your customer success organization as a driving factor to increase customer lifetime value and streamline company success.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • The key components behind building a goals-oriented customer success team
    • How to cement a “customer-first focus” into the culture of your company and unite departments under a common goal
    • How internal factors affect future customer growth
    • What your business can learn from your customer success team
    • How to advance your customer retention strategy through proper software selection, comprehensive processes and identifying new revenue growth opportunities
    • How you can drive your customers’ agenda to successful customer outcomes

    Featured speaker

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    Amy Mustoe
    Senior Consultant and Coach, The Success League

    Amy Mustoe is a Senior Consultant and Coach with The Success League bringing clients the intelligence and training needed to scale Customer Success. She is passionate about building highly skilled and engaged CS teams believing that employee engagement and relentlessly customer focused teams are critical to achieving the proper Customer Outcomes. She is known for advancing companies at all stages with her expertise in training, playbooks, revenue growth strategies, software selection, process design and career mapping.

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