Enterprise Level Onboarding Guide: from Planning to Execution

Enterprise Level Onboarding Guide: from Planning to Execution


How to Drive Success with High Touch Customer Onboarding Join us for this incredibly valuable webinar in which our guest Alicja Heyduk, Customer Success Manager at Piwik PRO, explains how you can delight enterprise customers with personalized high-touch onboarding. During the presentation (followed by a Q&A session)

In this webinar you will learn:

  • High-touch vs low-touch customer onboarding models
  • ‍How to hold a successful kickoff meeting
  • How to create a tailored onboarding plan and execute it
  • How to keep the customers engaged throughout the whole process
  • How to measure the onboarding success
  • How to gauge and monitor success
  • How to make sure that our onboarding process will drive renewals and upselling opportunities

Featured speaker

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Alicja Heyduk

Listed as one of the top 100 Customer Success Strategists by MindTouch, Alicja is passionate about customer advocacy, and SaaS. CSM at Piwik PRO, she’s an expert in low-touch and high-touch Customer Success models that lead to customer engagement and loyalty, onboarding, and customer training.

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