Save time and manpower by reducing support tickets

Significantly reduce support costs and improve ticket deflection for your business.

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Customer support

Empower your users and your support team

Lend your support team a helping hand by freeing up their workload so that they can focus on the complex tickets. Your customers will celebrate knowing live support is available to them 24/7. 

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  • Proactive problem solving 

    Userlane encourages a self-service support method, enabling your users to work independently in your product. Offer a solution that facilitates results instead of hindering them. 

  • Decrease repeat tickets

    A 24-hour response time is no longer quick enough. Proactively address customer issues in a single communication with an intuitive and customizable support solution before they are submitted. 


decrease in support tickets

“With Userlane, we were able to decrease support tickets by 53% and ensure that users are leveraging the full potential of the software.”
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Streamline and standardize your support method for fast results

Automating your support method keeps information clear and consistent. Give your users more time to achieve their goals in the product and less time figuring out how to achieve them. 

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  • No room for error

    Automation reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks and also helps reduce human error. Improve any inefficiencies in your support communication with standardized support for all of your users, saving your business time and money.

  • Higher productivity

    Improved ticket deflection removes the time spent on mundane tickets so your support team can focus on the more complex issues. 


internal tickets that can be resolved quickly

“69% of internal support tickets are resolved in one touch.

Zendesk Benchmark Report


Immediate on-screen results without delay

Regardless of how “easy-to-use” your product is, your software users benefit immensely by solving problems on their own with interactive onscreen support. 

More customer satisfaction 

Adding to your existing knowledge base makes for a great self-service support experience. Help your customers solve their problems in a quick and concise manner. 

Easy to use

On-demand support is immediate and user-friendly so your customers can use it at their own pace. By removing the pressure to complete onboarding or training, your users can focus on learning the software instead of rushing through it.

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Userlane works on thousands of web applications
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Customer experience 

Better customer experience starts with your support strategy

Master customer loyalty without overselling your business. Enhance the customer experience by personalizing each step in the customer journey.

  • Nurture customer relationships

    One way to nurture lifelong customers is to constantly find opportunities to improve your customer experience. Retention doesn't stop at the end of the customer lifecycle!

  • Generate more positive feedback

    Delight your software users and improve feedback by offering a user experience that is one step ahead of your competition. Userlane gives your users a customized first-hand look into your product and new features.

“Most of the questions customer support receives are product related. Userlane's interactive guides can be sent automatically via ticket management applications so that users who experience a problem can be steered step-by-step through the solution to their issue instead of receiving a written answer.
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