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Improve Salesforce® competency across your whole organization

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Product Training
with Userlane

Reduce time-to-competency

Cut Salesforce® training costs (while eliminating the need to update training material)

Create ad hoc guides that match your specific processes

Increase feature adoption

Generate maximum ROI through higher adoption, productivity, and accuracy

Drastically reduce the number of support tickets and need for additional customer service

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"Staying competitive means constantly implementing new technologies. Userlane makes this constant change effortless and gets your staff onboarded without any friction."

David Pfluegl

Optimize Salesforce® CRM Training with Interactive Tutorials

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Forget about old-fashioned training methods! Training sessions and outdated training videos rarely help users become fully familiar with Salesforce®.

Provide your employees with continuous performance support with interactive walkthroughs that train users how to use Salesforce® regardless of previous experience.

Interactive walkthroughs are user guides which live within the software application. These guides allow users to interact with the interface while being guided simultaneously in real time.

Introduce Userlane Guided Tours to Enhance Salesforce® Usability

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Simplify Tasks in Salesforce®

Salesforce® CRM software comes with a steep learning curve for admins and users. Offering continuous performance support reinforces proactive learning for every Salesforce® user, minimizing the forgetting curve.

Simplify Daily Tasks

Salesforce®'s customization can be its best and worst feature when it comes to daily tasks. Leverage Userlane’s interactive walkthroughs to accommodate your specific expectations in Salesforce®.

Easy Navigation with Onscreen Guidance

Salesforce® UI provides unlimited options at your disposal, making navigation in the interface cumbersome and difficult. With Userlane, anyone at your company can rely on a virtual assistant that will guide them through processes in real time. 

Standardize Processes
in Salesforce®

Data consistency, and a precise methodology when it comes to managing leads in Salesforce® is everything. With onscreen guidance you can make sure that all users follow the same steps and permanently adhere to the company’s guidelines.  


Higher Productivity with Salesforce® Interactive Tutorials

Immediate Salesforce® Proficiency

Interactive onscreen walkthroughs allow your staff members to successfully utilize Salesforce® from day one. Onboarding tours train your staff while they simultaneously accomplish tasks in Salesforce® with contextual help.

Increase Knowledge Retention

Allow your employees access to continuous on-demand help through their on-screen virtual assistant. Userlane’s guides steer users through processes in real time. This isn’t your regular software training; interactive guides offer constant support at any point in time.

Maximize Salesforce® Adoption

Eliminate any confusion by providing a great user experience in the platform. Automating your Salesforce® training throughout the entire organization gives everyone the ability to operate Salesforce® to its full potential.

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Advantages of a Navigation System for Salesforce®

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Agile Guide Building

To create an interactive guide you’ll only need to start the Userlane editor and click through the process you want to explain. Userlane’s AI-powered algorithm will do the rest!

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GDPR Compliant

Userlane follows strict GDPR regulations regarding data privacy and blindness. Userlane is made in Germany and was initially developed for financial institutions that rely on data security.

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Fully scalable

Train all employees at the same time in every location without additional logistic costs. It doesn’t matter if you need to train 500 or 50,000 SDRs, everybody will receive on-demand ineractive support.

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Custom SLAs and Implementation

Userlane is an enterprise-level solution that can be tailored to fully meet your specific company needs in terms of implementation, deployment, and features.

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Full Interaction

Userlane’s interactive guides are designed to provide a truly personalized training experience. Users are steered through processes step-by-step and in real time while they accomplish tasks in the system. 

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No Coding Required

Userlane doesn’t force you or your IT department to make any changes in Salesforce® or any other integrated application. Creating interactive guides doesn’t require any coding at all.

Userlane can be easily configured to work
on over 1,000 web based applications

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