Increase feature awareness and drive adoption

Surprise your users with a fully personalized experience.

Implement Userlane to start a dialogue with your users that leads to:
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Offer a truly interactive user experience

Drive engagement by taking each user by the hand right from the moment they sign up.

Personalized onboarding tours

Create personalized journeys based on desired outcomes and educate your users with onboarding tours and automated checklists. 

Drive action

Lead users to their goals and reward them for their accomplishments. Present the next steps and guide each user with interactive walkthroughs. 

Use speech bubbles to heighten curiosity and increase motivation throughout the entire discovery journey.

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“Companies that care about the success of their customers implement Userlane to segment users and create personalized customer journeys that lead customers to achieve all their goals in no time.
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Feature Awareness

Unlock the full potential of your solution

The real USP of your solution is often linked to advanced features that go unnoticed. 

Maximize product adoption by driving feature awareness.

  • Present your product in the best light

    Take full control of what happens in your software. Provide guided onboarding tours to lead users from the most essential to the most advanced features without overwhelming them. 

  • Proactive feature walkthroughs

    Leverage Userlane’s contextual and interactive walkthroughs to help your users discover all the key features of your solution. You can also proactively launch tours in the more advanced sections of your software.

    Interactive guides are designed to increase engagement by motivating your users and eliminating uncertainty.

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“Top solutions that utilize contextual guidance provide users with an exceptional onboarding experience, increase self-service behavior, and boost engagement and retention.
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Trigger action that leads to higher revenue growth 

After driving awareness and engagement and showing users the core value proposition of your solution, you need to trigger action. 

Eliminate resistance to change

Use on-demand interactive walkthroughs to eliminate the stress connected to change. Replace a steep learning curve with a learn-by-doing approach that creates new habits and leads to activation.

Increase product magnetism

Userlane steers users through several micro-goals and helps them achieve quick wins.

In this way, you boost adoption rate by showing your users the true value in your product.

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Create true fans and brand ambassadors

Interactive guidance ensures that your customers are highly successful with your solution.

With Userlane, customer success starts from the moment your users sign up for your service.

And a business model centered on customer success leads to retention and brand advocacy.

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