Automated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Simplify and Speed Up Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Minimize time-to-competency

Eliminate continued education and cut Microsoft Dynamics 365 training costs 

Create standardized processes across the entire organization

Maximize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adoption

Train all your employees automatically, directly at their desks

Transform every employee into a Microsoft Dynamics 365 power user

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"Staying competitive means constantly implementing new technologies. Userlane makes this constant change effortless and gets the staff onboard without any friction."

David Pfluegl

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Software & Performance Support

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most flexible CRM solutions in the market! The platform offers a series of powerful modules and great integrations.

The only problems with Microsoft Dynamics are connected to speed of implementation, employee training, and software adoption.

Userlane In-Software Performance Support allows you to speed up implementation while increasing software adoption to 100% and reducing training costs by 75% without manuals, training courses, or videos.

In-App Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tutorials

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Automated Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is linked to a very steep learning curve. Offering continuous performance support with software walkthroughs and in-software product tours reinforces proactive learning for every user, thereby minimizing issues connected to the forgetting curve.

Simplify CRM Tasks

Simplify business processes and workflows with interactive guidance. Automatically transform each workflow into a Dialog. Eliminate confusion and frustration for both users and developers. Support users through setup tasks with a virtual assistant that can be accessed on-demand.

Knowledge Retention

Make sure that every user is always up to date with the latest processes and procedures. Eliminate manuals, tutorials, and classes by simply guiding users in real time and step-by-step directly in Microsoft Dynamics. Drive task completion to 100% with constant performance support.

Performance Support

Eliminate procedural mistakes, frustration, delays, and non-standard procedures by delivering just-in-time, on-demand support. Make sure that all your employees are proficient with Microsoft Dynamics from day one without any formal training or previous knowledge.


Higher Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Automation

Immediate Software Adoption

Eliminate resistance to change while creating a great employee experience. Interactive onscreen guides and contextual help allow your employees to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 efficiently without any effort.

Knowledge Transfer Platform

Developers need to pass know-how to administrators. And administrators need to do the same with users. Also trainers need to be trained. And what about best practices? Allow your most skilled employees to create in-app process guides for other staff members and create a perfect knowledge transfer strategy across multiple units and locations.

Train Employees Everywhere

Employees receive in-app support directly at their desk. Onboard and train all your staff across multiple locations even if they work remotely. Make sure that every staff members receives performance support while carrying out difficult tasks in MS Dynamics 365. Offer simple micro-learning experiences on-demand and allow employees to learn at their own pace.

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In-Software Navigation System for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Agile Guide Building

To create an interactive guide you’ll only need to create a clickpath by going through the process you want to explain. Userlane’s AI-powered algorithm will automatically create the guide for you!

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Data Blindness

Userlane follows strict regulations regarding data privacy. The platform was initially developed for banks and other financial institutions. That's why hundreds of corporations trust us.

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Fully scalable

Train all employees at the same time in every location without additional logistic costs. It doesn’t matter if you need to train 500 or 50,000 employees. No more costs for courses and training materials!

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Custom SLAs and Implementation

Userlane is an enterprise-level solution that can be tailored to fully meet your specific company needs in terms of implementation, deployment, and features.

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Monitor Success and ROI

Monitor completion rate and immediately get management buy-in for your in-app training initiatives. Drive feature and software adoption from 30 to 100% and allow your company to fully leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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No Coding Required

Implementing Userlane and creating guides doesn't require you or anybody else to create a single line of code. It only takes a few minutes to embed Userlane on Microsoft Dynamics and launch your first interactive walkthrough.

Userlane can be easily configured to work
on over 1,000 web based applications

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