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Jive Training Software with Userlane

Increase overall feature adoption

Standardize Jive training across different organizations and timezones

Decrease training costs by up to 75%

Boost software proficiency in Jive

Reduce the need for additional customer service and lower the amount of support tickets

Maximize ROI by decreasing time-to-competency and boosting software adoption

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"Staying competitive means constantly implementing new technologies. Userlane makes this constant change effortless and gets your staff onboarded without any friction."

David Pfluegl

Share Knowledge Immediately with
Jive Onboarding

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Jive is the ultimate communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile businesses. And modern platforms need modern support!

With Userlane’s onscreen guidance, you can train your employees to master Jive instantaneously, irrespective of previous intranet knowledge or experience.‍

Simply implement Userlane on top of Jive and your employees will be up and running in no time!

Introduce Userlane Guided Tours
to Enhance Salesforce® Usability

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Streamline Jive Training

Equipped with lots of great features, Jive offers a centralized workplace for organizations to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. By providing continuous performance support within the platform, each employee  can leverage the full capabilities of Jive without barriers.

Simplify Tasks in Jive

Jive’s highly customizable interface provides flexibility for businesses, which can be daunting for those working within the platform. With Userlane, you can easily create product tours to show your employees exactly what they need to do to accomplish their tasks in Jive.

Solidify Jive Knowledge

Jive solves the problem associated with connection in the workplace by providing a centralized hub for sharing resources. Userlane enhances this experience by empowering each employee to confidently access and manage all the information they need in Jive.

Standardize Jive Processes

Other SaaS solutions, such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Google Docs, integrate seamlessly with Jive, thereby supporting collaboration across applications. With Userlane’s virtual assistant, each staff member will be guided through every process for each system in the way you want it explained.


Userlane to Create Jive Walkthroughs

Access Your Dashboard

It's easy to create walkthroughs for Jive! Simply access the Userlane dashboard and begin building interactive guides in minutes with the authoring tool. Need help? Our UX team will provide you with expert assistance throughout the process.

Start Userlane

Userlane sits on top of any browser-based solution, providing a truly unique user experience. Rolling out onscreen guidance happens instantly through a simple browser extension. 

Provide Interactive
Performance Support

Onboarding begins with customized interactive guides, allowing your staff to learn immediately how to use Jive. After that, each employee will have permanent access to Userlane’s interactive guides created for their needs. They’ll always have constant support in Jive!

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Advantages of Interactive Guides for Jive

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Advanced Guide Building

With the Userlane editor, you can effortlessly create interactive walkthroughs to explain each process in Jive that your employees need to learn.

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Just-in-time Support

Work with a software solution that was originally developed for the banking sector. Userlane is developed and hosted in Germany.

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Scalable and Practical

No matter the location or level of technical knowledge, each employee will receive the same amount of support in Jive without any additional logistic costs.

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Custom SLAs and Implementation

Userlane is an enterprise-level SaaS solution fully equipped to meet your company’s specific requirements regarding implementation, deployment, and features.

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Guaranteed Interaction

Userlane’s interactive guides are proven to provide the most personalized training experience possible. Each employee is taken through processes step-by-step and in real time, allowing them to learn the system while they accomplish tasks simultaneously.

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No Coding Necessary

Your IT team doesn’t need to worry about complicated integrations with other applications. Creating interactive guides for Jive doesn’t require any coding at all!

Userlane can be easily configured to work
on over 1,000 web based applications

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