Put your product on the podium by maximizing feature adoption

Let your users discover the value of your product by shortening the learning curve and driving feature adoption.

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Unlock the full power of your product 

The success of your product is connected to how well your users navigate and use it. Make sure they discover all there is to know about your solution. 

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  • Boost ROI through higher engagement

    Underutilized products and features impact the perceived value of your product. With Userlane, you can proactively influence the amount of time it takes for your users to adapt to the product.

    Interactive guides allow you to take full control of what happens in your software and ensure your users discover all your solution offers at their own pace – no matter how complex your features are.

  • Optimize your user experience

    Userlane’s interactive onscreen guides are designed to simplify complex processes and improve the user experience. Using a scaffolding learning approach, your users can progress from simpler features to the more advanced ones, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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feature adoption achieved

“Before Userlane, employees across the organization only used 48% (on average) of the features they’re expected to use.
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Maximize product engagement and meet customers’ needs with a one-of-a-kind interactive experience

Userlane increases engagement by leading your users step-by-step and logically through all processes, allowing for optimal usage in your application. 

Higher usage 

Understanding product usage goes beyond features announcements and analytics. The best way to improve product usage is to educate your users on new features and teach them how they can best be used. With Userlane, you can break down new features into steps and help your users achieve micro-goals as they progress from one task to the next.

More in-product efficiency

Craft tailored journeys by segmenting different user groups based on each group’s desired outcomes and behavior. With personalized and relevant interactive guides, your users will always be presented with the right information at the right time, allowing them to work more efficiently in your application.

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“Customers who completely understand your company and your product will quickly achieve their own goals and will keep integrating your solution at an increasingly deeper level in their ecosystem.
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Significantly reduce time-to-value

Nowadays, users want to achieve results and understand what a solution can do for them almost immediately. Userlane’s automated onboarding tours help users discover the key features of your solution right after signup, delivering the results they want in no time.

Increase activation and engagement

Discover which features users love and find out where they’re getting stuck. Use this information to optimize your users’ in-app journey via optimizing your onboarding strategy to create smooth user flows that demonstrate value.  

Personalized approach

Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Make your product work for each user with personalized discovery journeys and advanced segmentation. Motivate each user with their own tailored onboarding journey and help them uncover the value of your solution step-by-step. 


Craft the ideal user experience 

A meaningful user experience is essential for your business success. These positive experiences help you better define customer journeys that align with business strategy.

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  • Increased retention

    By creating a user experience based on a rewards mechanism, your users will simultaneously learn how to use your product while achieving goals and being rewarded for them. Helping your users achieve goals will have your users loving your product and coming back for more!

  • More user empowerment

    With Userlane’s interactive guides and Virtual Assistant, your users will feel more supported and motivated to dive deeper into your product. Remove the intimidation that users feel exploring new features and help your users feel autonomous and motivated constantly in the product. 

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