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Improve your customer retention and strengthen your customer success strategy by boosting software adoption.

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Customer Retention

Engage more customers 

Userlane’s product tours increase engagement by promoting features and functions. Customize the entire customer journey with each interaction, and transform your user experience into a memorable and engaging event.

  • Higher customer lifetime value

    With Userlane, customer success managers have the ability to positively influence the entire customer journey with on-demand support.

  • True customer-focus

    Customer advocacy starts with the customer relationship. Show off your customer-first culture by empowering customers to work freely in your solution.

Engage more customers


more costly to acquire new customers

“It is six times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one

ThinkJar, CX for Executives Report

User Onboarding

Lasting impressions are made during onboarding

Userlane optimizes your onboarding process using step-by-step guides that guarantee engagement.

  • Automated onboarding

    Highlight the key features of your product right from the start. Guide your users down the right path in your product without delay or hesitation.

  • Shorten time-to-value

    Eliminate any delay between sign-up and results. Get your users to their desired outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible.

Userlane interactive guidance


amount of trial users who never return

“Statistics show that currently 40-60 percent of users who sign up for a free trial of a SaaS application will use it once and never come back. This makes the first impression of your software the most important component of customer success.
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Feature Adoption

Boost ROI through feature adoption

Underutilized products and features impact the perceived value of your product. With Userlane, you can proactively influence the amount of time it takes for your users to adapt to the product.

Improve brand perception and customer experience

Maintaining customer relationships is a never-ending process. Ensure that your business is constantly supported by an exceptional customer experience.

Better customer feedback

Regardless of whether a prospect or a current customer is using your product, Userlane provides on-demand support to each user, bringing every person closer to their desired outcomes and allowing you properly measure adoption for each user base.

User guide

UX Enhancement

Craft the ideal user experience

A meaningful user experience is essential for your business success. These positive experiences help you better define customer journeys that align with business strategy.

More engagement, less confusion

Your user experience influences every aspect of the product. Userlane helps better define your customer journeys by strategically bringing your users step-by-step through each important touchpoint. 

Remove friction in the product

Software is only getting more complex. Userlane’s customizable guides make sure that enterprise products like yours don’t get in the way of their own potential.

UX enhancement


effect of increase in retention rate on profits

“Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

Bain & Company Study

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