On-Demand Webinar: The secrets to driving adoption of HCM platforms

“76% of managers agree that companies need to radically reengineer the experiences, bringing people and technology together in a more human-centric way.” (Accenture)

Organizations worldwide are investing in the best HCM platforms on the market as part of their HR digital transformation strategies. But failing to consider user adoption of the software can render the investment useless.

Ensuring an openness to behavioural change amongst users is part of the digital adoption puzzle. In this webinar, Ben Whitter (Best Selling Author), Elisabeth Jahl and Georgina Frölichsthal (Wahler HR) and Felix Eichler (Userlane) take a deep dive into the secrets to successful HCM digital adoption.

Watch this webinar to learn:

HR Digitization
What successful HR digitization looks like, and how to achieve it.
Digital Adoption
The importance of digital adoption as part of a modern HR experience for employees.
The secrets to how any organization can master digital adoption of their HCM platform.