Drive change in your organization with instant software adoption.

Our Digital Adoption Platform maximizes software adoption so that you can drive innovation. Discover the power of interactive guides that explain any digital process, step by step.

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Userlane supports your digital transformation efforts.

The growing landscape of software drives complexity, making it harder for users to work with new software. Guarantee increased software adoption with our interactive guides.

icon Keep up with the speed of change

Keep up with the speed of change

Help your employees adapt to a new process or workflow by offering them live training right in your application. Rapid content creation allows you to keep users up-to-date with the speed of software changes.

icon Faster time to productivity

Faster time to productivity

Empower your team to work with new software right from the start. Make people feel excited about the launch.

icon Secure quick ROI

Secure quick ROI

Enable your employees to transform the way they work, maximize the impact of the change and accelerate the return on your software investment.

Userlane has trained and supported over 28 million users at companies including:

Deutsche Bahn
The Linde Group

Userlane Video:

Userlane: Present the right information at the right time

How Userlane helps

Software rollouts

Build a friendly and intuitive experience that walks each customer through new processes at their own pace.

Announce updates, promote content and engage users within minutes directly in your live application. 

Self-service support

Reduce common support requests with automated, on-demand guidance directly in the application.

Userlane enables you to create and maintain support content within minutes to ensure your users always have the information they need at hand.

Key feature adoption

Increase software adoption and achieve high user engagement by highlighting specific processes.

Help people understand key features and realize the true value of your products.

Change management

Ensure each user is fully productive throughout periods of rapid change or uncertainty.

Help your employees embrace change by providing them with real-time support through a knowledge base directly in the software applications, so they can use your tools efficiently and excel.

Insights & improvements

Discover which features users love and find out where they are getting stuck. 

Userlane helps you analyze user interaction rates and track the performance of your content assets to see what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve user experience.

“Interactive performance support proved to be a valid solution to all the problems Deutsche Bahn ecountered connected to change management and software application since the vast majority of users felt confident in using a new system and weren’t experiencing any frustration at all”
increase in employee effectiveness
higher task completion
faster time to proficiency

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