Customer Experience

Personalized User Onboarding

Create tailored customer journeys and interact with users who go through critical steps to optimize onboarding and improve UX/CX with on-screen guidance

Boost Engagement and Retention

The overall CX is defined by each interaction with your brand. Monitor the behavior of your users and customize their experience to boost engagement and reduce churn.

Improved UX/CX without Engineering

Personally create the perfect User Experience within your software without involving product managers or engineers.

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On-screen Guidance

Live in Your Software

Every interaction with a customer has an impact on retention and loyalty. User Onboarding, in particular, is an extremely delicate phase that creates a permanent first impression and indelible brand associations. Userlane allows you to create interactive walkthroughs that guide your users step by step through your software to guarantee a smooth and seamless user experience while analytics show you where users lose their enthusiasm or seem to get stuck.

"A commitment to Customer Experience results in up to 25% more Customer Retention and Revenue than sales or marketing initiatives."
Emmett C. Murphy & Mark A. Murphy

User Onboarding

Userlane guides your users in real time so that they will never feel lost or have to leave your application to receive assistance.

Feature Adoption!!

Show the full potential of your solution. Present all the key features and prompt users with new ones at the right time.

Personalized but Scalable

Wow your users with a customized experience while managing diverse customer expectations.

Increased Trial-to-Paid

Simplify UX/CX and eliminate frustration. Speed up onboarding and allow your users to quickly achieve quick wins.

Higher Engagement

Activate your users by having them immediately accomplish tasks. Create checklists and journeys that encourage engagement and activation.

Perfect CX that leads to Retention

Create a smooth UX throughout the entire journey by offering on screen, interactive support and create the basis for a perfect CX.

"Userlane is the closest thing to having a customer success agent helping each of our users one on one."
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