Change Management

Increase Software Adoption to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Get Rid of Handbooks and Tutorials

Userlane interactive on-screen guides, steer employees step-by-step in real time through processes within software applications eliminating the need for handbooks, video tutorials, and training courses.

Reduce Resilience to Change

Introduce software more easily by guiding people while they accomplish tasks in your new software applications. Great employee experience eliminates resistance and facilitates transformation.

Increase Productivity

Train all employees simoultanously and onboard staff at their desk and guide them through your software applications with walkthroughs so that everybody is fully operative from day one.

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Disruptors and innovators are in average 26% more profitable than other businesses. "
Dr. Didier Bonnet
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On-screen Guidance

Instant Knowledge

Employees accomplish tasks while learning and onboarding happens in real time without formal training. Enable your employees to immediately operate any software without any prior knowledge. Make sure your employees follow your processes and avoid operating errors.

Live in your software

Userlane guides your users in real time so that they will never feel lost or have to leave an application to receive assistance.


With Userlane your staff interacts with the software they need to use from day one. Guides can be ordered to quickly bring new employees up to speed by having them focus on one single process and one single element at the time.

Rapid Implementation

Userlane is a great e-learning solution for any browser-based software. Implementation doesn't take longer than 5 minutes and you don't need to interact with the software you need to train people on.

No Coding Required

Time is money and that's why we developed an exptremely agile guide builder that allows anybody to create clickpaths and guides in minutes.


With Userlane, you can easily let your employees switch between multilingual layers to be guided with the language they feel most comfortable with.

GDPR Compliant

Our software is created and hosted in Germany. We work with some of the largest European banks and institutions. That's why our software has been developed with the highest data security standards in mind.

"Userlane is the closest thing to having a customer success agent helping each of our users one on one."
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