Shared Channels

Work with clients and partners like never before

Build better relationships and be more productive by collaborating with other companies in shared channels.

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See how shared channels bring companies together

Keep partners in the loop

Align around common goals with all the people on a project in one space, whether they're down the hall or at a different company. With everyone on the same page, you can move faster towards work well done.

Streamline communication

Save time throughout your day by doing all your work in one productive place. Keep messages on track and avoid the back and forth between external emails and internal conversations.

Build trust and better connections

Develop better relationships with partners by collaborating just like you do with coworkers. Give everyone a shared view of progress, responsibilities and success.

Meet the alternative to email

Break out of the inbox with a more immediate and organized way of communicating.

Adapts to your work

You and your partners can both customize your shared channel to fit the way you work. Talk as a group in real time, integrate apps for even less context switching and use direct messages for one-to-one conversations.

Helps you work smarter

Unlike siloed inboxes, you can quickly find and reference the contents of a shared channel alongside all the conversations at your company. Always have a reference of past decisions and their context.

Grants peace of mind

Admins can rest easy with full control and visibility over which channels are being shared with other organizations. Everyone collaborates in a space protected by the industry-standards-exceeding security of Slack.

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