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Just like TNW explores new technologies, connects world's brightest minds and drives innovation, so do we at Userlane. That's why we developed a solution to allow you to master any technology instantly. We call it a Digital Adoption Platform. Our mission is to enable the process of digital transformation and move organisations to the next level both by providing the software and sharing our expertise. That's why we are excited to connect with you at the TNW2020 digital experience!

If you are as keen about digital innovation, leadership and transformation as we are, here is a selection of not-to-miss content we think will be perfect for you:

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"Resistance to Change Demystified"

Get the results of the survey we conducted on “How Resistant to Change” people are. The results are really enlightening and demystify some of the most common perceptions on the topic.

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ADKAR model

The ADKAR model describes the main stages of change. If you want to learn more about this model and evaluate on a transformation, download our checklist.

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Want to know more about Digital Transformation and how you can optimize your Software Rollout and Support in the Era of Remote Work?

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From Resistance to Adoption: getting people on board with change

Slides presented by Hartmut Hahn, CEO and Co-Founder at Userlane, during his speech at TNW 2020.

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Increase Digital Adoption at Your Company: Schedule Your Free Userlane Demo and Get Results You Desire

Tell us your story and we show you how Userlane can help you achieve your goals. Find out more about the possibilites of DIgital Adoption and the benefits it can bring your organization.