Digital Adoption Barcamp

"How to prove the ROI of Digital Adoption Platform"

October 21, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CEST (GMT+2)

About the event

Digital Adoption Barcamp is a new invitation-only event series designed for the digital adoption advocates all across the world. Our goal is to create a platform for ideas exchange, expertise sharing and group thinking. The power of this event lies in the attendees who are not just the viewers, but active participants, speakers and co-creators. You own the agenda, conversations and the value you get out of this event.

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Why it is for you

  • You are driving digital adoption ;
  • You are leading innovation and technology implementation ;
  • You have to prove business value of Digital Adoption Platform

What you will learn

  • Best practices on how to forecast and prove business value of Digital Adoption internally ;
  • Key metrics you need to look and when implementing DAP ;
  • Success cases of Userlane implementation
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What you can expect

  • Conversation-based event with overarching theme and additional topics defined by attendees ;
  • Breakout rooms dedicated to the questions you want to discuss ;
  • Multiple rounds of discussions with the attendees and Userlane team


4:00 pm:

Welcome icebreaker & introduction round

4:15 pm:

Open Discussion and Q&A: ""How to prove the ROI of Digital Adoption Platform"" featuring Userlane expert users and team

4:40 pm:

Breakout Discussions on attendee-defined topics

5:10 pm:

Userlane Updates & Roadmap - exclusive updates on Userlane product presented by CTO & Co-founder Felix Eichler

5:30 pm:

Unofficial chatter room & surprise masterclass

How do I join the event?

Step 1
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Register for the event and confirm your email.

Step 2
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Follow the link sent in the confirmation email or go to the “Access Virtual Event” page

Step 3
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Click on the “Broadcast” button under the session title. Broadcast automatically starts 2 minutes before the scheduled session start time.