How SABIO is automating

User Onboarding

Conversion Rate

Increased by 70%

User Engagement

Increased by 80%

Searches per Day

Fivefold Increase


Within 3 months, SABIO, a provider of knowledge management software, was able to significantly increase their user engagement and conversion rate with Userlane. 




Hamburg, Germany

Staff members

51 - 200

User Onboarding

The challenge

Nachdem SABIO Anfang 2017 beschlossen hatte, die meisten ihrer Prozesse zu automatisieren, erkannten sie, dass automatisiertes Onboarding eine der Kernaufgaben war, die ihnen bei der Skalierung helfen konnte. Obwohl die SABIO Software für Wissensmanagement einfach zu verstehen ist, bedarf es einiger Zeit, um sich mit dem Produkt auseinanderzusetzen und so eine Vorstellung der gebotenen Funktionen sowie Möglichkeiten zu bekommen. Die Einstellung von zusätzlichen Supportmitarbeitern trug anfangs dazu bei, eine gute Onboarding-Erfahrung zu sicherstellen zu können. Diese traditionelle Option war jedoch mit hohen Kosten verbunden und eignete sich demnach nicht, um zeitgleich zu skalieren und die Qualität des Onboarding-Prozesses auf einem hohen Niveau zu halten.

"By automating our onboarding process we could provide our international clients with the support they needed - even outside of our business hours."

Maria Kuhn
Product Owner

Goals and KPIs

SABIO had three core goals with Userlane:

1. Reduce time it takes to create training content

Before implementing Userlane, SABIO used to offer training documents on their platform to improve user engagement. Unfortunately, these documents were not interactive, complicated to create, and tedious to keep up-to-date: a minor change in a process meant that the whole documentation had to be changed. 

2. Convert more trial users

Ultimately, SABIO required a solution that could increase its reach and win more customers without adopting high-touch onboarding solutions that would be expensive and hard to scale. This had to be achieved by increasing engagement through automated onboarding.

3. Increase user engagement

SABIO provides users with a knowledge base they can access for relevant information and data. However, this knowledge base still held potential for a higher engagement. As this part of the software is crucial for the success of the users, SABIO needed to ensure that the usage of their knowledge base increases.


Three months after the introduction of the automated onboarding process, SABIO was able to see a direct impact on their business.

SABIO's employees described that they perceived Userlane as the "natural way" to create guides that enabled them to make changes within minutes.

At the same time, SABIO was able to win more customers – increasing the conversion rate by 70% and boosting engagement by about 80%. Customers stated, they were able to use SABIO intuitively during their trial after receiving the assistance of Userlane.

Also, the User Engagement with the knowledge base increased significantly and reached an average of 20.000 search queries per day compared to 4.000 before.

SABIO finally decided to implement Userlane in different departments within their organization to use the full potential of Userlane's functionality.

“Userlane made it possible to give users a comprehensive insight into our software solution.”

Maria Kuhn
Product Owner
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