how HRlab reduces support tickets

User Onboarding

Support Tickets

reduced by 53%

User Adoption

up from 83% to 98%

Onboarding Time

lowered by 64%


The platform HRlab is a cloud-based Human Capital Management solution that centralizes all HR processes.


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User Onboarding

The challenge

As a human capital management platform, HRlab offers a variety of functions and use cases that vary with the role of the user (HR manager, employee, etc.). The resulting complexity leads, especially in the first-time uses of the product, to various requests for understanding and support that HRlab was looking for to resolve in the best possible way. A classical but costly solution is to hire more support staff. However, especially young companies, such as HRlab, have limited resources. Therefore, they were looking for a cost-effective alternative that would make it possible to take users directly by the hand and guide them through the processes specific to their user role. The goal was to ensure a full understanding and to allow the user to use HRlab effectively. After they decided to use Userlane, the complexity of the application was reduced, the usability of the product was optimized and the number of support inquiries was kept low just from the start.

"With Userlane, users can be guided through the functionalities’ jungle and our complete user guidance can be covered. That's a huge benefit and I would love to have that in any software or tool."

Kay Ackermann
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Goals and KPIs

1. Target group specific onboarding and optimization of the usability

Depending on which role a user gets assigned to at HRlab, the processes the user goes through typically vary.  Right from the beginning, HRlab insisted on guiding the user through the most important processes in accordance with his role and on onboarding each person adequately. In this way, they focused on simplifying the use of a generally complex application as much as possible and on optimizing the usability.

2. Reduce support costs

The complexity resulting from a large number of functions is associated with an increased number of customer inquiries, especially in the first-time usage of the product. The recruitment of appropriate personnel is characterized by a high-cost intensity. Due to the low resources of young companies, HRlab was anxious to find a way to keep customer inquiries and the corresponding support costs low from the beginning and to comprehensively cover FAQ topics.


Userlane offers HRlab many opportunities to digitally control and guide its customers in using their product. In particular, the possibility of segmenting individual customer groups represents a significant added value for HRlab. This allows HRlab to map its complete user guidance efficiently and to be able to personally approach users.

In addition, it is obvious to HRlab that Userlane offers exactly what many software solutions and companies lack: the ability to guide users through the "jungle of functionalities", to reduce complexity and thus to implement their motto "easy & smart" ,

Thus, Userlane enables HRlab to efficiently handle all its support and FAQ topics, reducing complexity and thereby significantly improving usability. At the same time, HRlab emphasizes that the learning effect achieved by the interactive userlane tours is much more valuable for users compared to simply answering their questions.

"Userlane offers endless possibilities to digitally control and support our application. That is fun!"

Kay Ackermann
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development
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