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EIDA’s platform helps to ensure complex capital projects are delivered on-time, within budget and to scope by providing a single source of truth for all project data and documentation.





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User Onboarding

The challenge

Before using Userlane, EIDA did onboard their users mostly in person. They used online trainings and worked very hands on. This was a good process at the beginning, but when EIDA started to grow, this particular way of onboarding became unsustainable as it was time intensive and costly as well. It was also quite frustrating for the account managers doing a lot of repetitive work, not only for the first-time onboarding but also because new users quickly forgot how the platform worked after a few days of not using it.

EIDA wanted to provide an option for the users to get the knowledge themselves, when they needed to. This was essential for follow-up-knowledge as well as for new modules and features they wanted to learn how to use. On the other hand, the account managers needed to do more valuable work instead of wasting a lot of unnecessary time with training.

EIDA chose Userlane to change this situation, because it was the most user friendly and the most intuitive solution from both sides, for the trainers and the users. Other platforms weren’t that intuitive and not that easy to use. If there were any questions, the support from the Userlane staff was always stable and quick.

"If we didn’t have Userlane we probably wouldn’t be able to consider moving away from personal training. People have a lot of questions or they forget things, but they can just go back now and figure it out."

Sarah Kennedy
Business Development Manager

Goals and KPIs

1. Reduce the amount of time of account managers by reducing the support queries

Teaching the complex platform of EIDA accounted for a lot of time of the account managers. Not only was it time-consuming to deliver the training, but also to respond to support queries, which shouldn’t necessarily had to be explained by them in the first place.

2. Providing an effective training

EIDA not only wanted to reduce the amount of time of the account managers, but also wanted to have a more effective training of users without hiring new employees just for that. By doing so, this would reduce the support queries and again safe some time on both sides, which would allow them to manage more new projects which came up in the last couple of month.


Two beneficial aspects of Userlane can be pointed out by EIDA: The confidence of people using the platform correctly and giving the account managers of EIDA the opportunity to spend their time on higher valued activities.

With Userlane, the account managers of EIDA are confident that the users are able to use the software instantly and in a correct way, which is really important for the success of EIDA. Account managers found delivering the training quite easy. While they still deliver one-on-one trainings occasionally they don’t have the same amount of work with it. They spend less time on training and are getting less support-based queries. Implementing Userlane  freed up a lot of time to do thinks that are important for the business, which has been really beneficial for EIDA.

One of the main blocks for selling internationally was how one would provide support. EIDA could re-ensure to different kinds of clients that their users have access whenever they want and that the trainings could always be successful. Even potential kinds of clients can have a look at the quite complex EIDA platform by using a userlane and without needing much additional help. User feedback ensured, that Userlane was easy to use, intuitive and helpful.

"Userlane freed up a lot of time to do thinks that are important for the business, which has been really beneficial!"

Sarah Kennedy
Business Development Manager
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