Modernizing the adoption of SAP Sales Cloud with a digital adoption platform

Userlane comes highly recommended for any sales team in need of an intuitive approach to CRM adoption

“Enabling sales representatives to focus on selling is vital for successful sales teams. By introducing Userlane to our CRM system, we have greatly increased usability and satisfaction within a few months.”

Stefan Pross, Director Sales DACH and Head of Sales Excellence


decrease in creation time for training materials


reduction in maintenance effort


increase in software usage

With their SAP rollout, SCHUNK, a world market leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, introduced the SAP Sales Cloud as a new CRM solution for their sales organization, which consists of several hundred salespeople. Despite the clear advantages of SAP’s solution, product usage was lower than expected due to the application’s complexity.

As a result, SCHUNK’s support team needed to produce and maintain various training and onboarding materials, such as PDF manuals and newsletters. These additional training efforts led to an increase in employee training costs, and both the support and sales teams were overwhelmed with information and materials.

50 interactive guides to reduce complexity and streamline employee training

To addresses these challenges, SCHUNK decided to implement Userlane with over 50 interactive guides to train sales employees directly in the SAP application, and following the implementation of Userlane in SAP’s solution, SCHUNK observed the following results:

  • More than 90% of employees want to use training in the form of interactive guidance in the future.
  • The time it took the support staff to produce and explain training material was halved, thereby improving operational efficiency.
  • There was an 80% decrease in the time spent updating training materials after updates to the SAP user interface.

Therefore, with Userlane, SCHUNK was able to remove the pressure placed on the support team as they could replace traditional employee onboarding and training materials, such as PDF manuals and newsletters, with interactive step-by-step guides. Userlane also reduced system complexity through interactive performance support, meaning that employees can now navigate the SAP Sales Cloud smoothly and without frustration.

Improved satisfaction with SAP Sales Cloud

Overall, Userlane helped SCHUNK to establish lean communication for new CRM issues and improve user adoption, resulting in users being highly satisfied with SAP’s solution. Userlane, as a single source of all training-related information, which can be accessed directly within the SAP Sales Cloud application, has proven to be an excellent solution for SCHUNK’s sales employees in terms of reducing system complexity, decreasing training costs, increasing operational efficiency, and enabling support staff to replace traditional training and onboarding materials.

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