A 50+% decrease in support queries: The secret behind EIDA’s success

""Userlane freed up a lot of time to do things that are important for the business, which has been really beneficial!"
Sarah Kennedy
Business Development Manager, Eida
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Feedback from users indicates that Userlane is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely helpful.
"Feedback from users indicates that Userlane is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely helpful."
The results:

decrease in support requests


decrease in re-training efforts

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Founded in 2010, EIDA Solutions is dedicated to helping customers reduce project operating costs and optimize site performance with a ground-breaking solution for engineering companies. As a project management platform, EIDA enables project teams to work according to defined processes using real-time data.

When it comes to user onboarding, EIDA initially took a hands-on approach to onboarding new users by doing so in person and making use of online training materials. This process proved to be effective in the beginning, but as EIDA started to scale, this particular approach was no longer sustainable in terms of time, resources, and costs involved. The process also became overwhelming for account managers as they often had to deal with a high volume of queries, answer repetitive questions, and re-explain certain processes in the platform.

Saving time to provide a smoother customer experience

To address these challenges connected to user onboarding, EIDA needed a solution that would enable users to understand how to use the platform themselves with as little external support as possible. In other words, EIDA wanted users to receive knowledge about the platform on-demand as this would free up time for the account managers to focus on other import tasks connected to providing a smooth customer experience.

A logical way to guide users (and all one place!)

After conducting some research, EIDA decided to leverage Userlane’s interactive guidance and upon implementation, EIDA defined the following objectives:

1. Reducing the number of support queries and freeing up time for account managers 

With numerous features and functionalities, EIDA is a relatively complex solution, and it took account managers a lot of time to explain the software and respond to all the support queries.

2. Providing effective onboarding and guidance 

Apart from reducing the time taken to walk new users through processes in the software, EIDA also wanted to provide their users with a more logical, supportive, and effective way to guide them through the software. In doing so, this would reduce the number of support queries and save valuable time for both the account managers and users of EIDA’s solution.

Boosting user confidence and giving account managers peace-of-mind

In the following months after implementation, EIDA noticed a marked increase in users’ confidence in using the platform successfully and without frustration. This increase in user confidence subsequently gave the account managers peace-of-mind knowing that users were now able to navigate through all processes interactively and step-by-step in the software on-demand in real-time without any friction.

Although EIDA still occasionally delivers one-on-one training, they spend far less time on supporting and guiding new users and answering support queries thanks to a dramatic decrease in the number of help requests coming through.

Furthermore, EIDA no longer experiences challenges connected to users using their solution globally. Userlane can be used anytime, anywhere, meaning that users receive interactive guidance no matter where they are in the world.

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The proof is in the feedback!

Feedback from users indicates that Userlane is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely helpful. EIDA also states that Userlane, in comparison to other platforms, is the most user-friendly and intuitive solution for both employees (account managers) and users, and, if EIDA ever has questions, the support from the Userlane customer success team is always quick and reliable.

“If we didn’t have Userlane we probably wouldn’t be able to consider moving away from personal training. People have a lot of questions or they forget things, but they can just go back now and figure it out.”

Sarah Kennedy
Business Development Manager

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