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"“The integration of Userlane gives our new customers access to the functionality of our software more quickly and interactively, more so than with simple text descriptions, and this, increases user engagement significantly.” "
Cornelius Scheffel
Managing Director, Azubi Navigator
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By implementing Userlane, the Azubi-Navigator team was able to quickly demonstrate the value of its platform to trial users, decrease onboarding time, and reduce the number of support requests
"With Userlane we quickly demonstrated the value of our platform to our trial users, decreasing onboarding time, and reducing the number of support requests."
The results:

increase in conversion rate


reduction in support tickets


decrease in onboarding time

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U-form Testsysteme’s Azubi-Navigator digitizes learning management with various eLearning integrations. As an innovative Learning Management System, the platform offers a variety of features and functionalities that need to be properly explained to new users.

Anyone can register, free of charge, to use the basic version of the Azubi-Navigator. After increasing their marketing efforts, an increasing number of trial users wanted to try out the platform. At this point, the Azubi-Navigator team realized that they were no longer able to onboard each user individually in the platform. Additionally, due to its complexity, u-form faced challenges connected to guiding new and existing users in the platform.

Recognizing the potential for an onboarding automation platform

New users need time to explore and familiarize themselves with all the functionalities, features, and possibilities of the Azubi-Navigator software, and for this reason, the Azubi-Navigator team saw the potential in using an onboarding automation platform that would help them onboard users more efficiently and effectively.

Upon deciding to implement Userlane, the Azubi-Navigator team wanted to achieve the following goals:

1. Convert more trial users

The Azubi-Navigator team recognized that new users were in need of more guidance in Azubi-Navigator in order to explore all the features of the platform. As a result, Azubi-Navigator’s entire onboarding process needed to become more interactive and targeted to convert trial users into paying customers.

2. Decrease the number of support tickets

The growing number of users of Azubi-Navigator meant that there was an increased demand for customer support. Azubi-Navigator’s younger target group was also less accepting of customer support via more conventional methods, such as via email or telephone.

The team, therefore, needed to find a solution that would a) help the customer support team by reducing the number of support requests and b) make operations connected to onboarding and support more relevant and scalable.

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“We faced the challenge of not having our younger target group relying on the support we offered them. Userlane met the needs of our target group by offering more direct and interactive support.”

Cornelius Scheffel
Managing Director, Azubi Navigator

When complexity becomes simplicity

The implementation of Userlane simplified and sped-up Azubi-Navigator’s entire onboarding process significantly. On average, each trial user interacted with five tours in order to understand and find out more about existing features and functions of the Azubi-Navigator. As a result, Azubi-Navigator increased its conversion rate by 15%.

The customer support team also saw a significant drop in the demand for their help. In particular, there were no longer any basic questions asked about Azubi-Navigator, and the team noticed a 20% reduction in support requests.

After the first customers were introduced to the Azubi-Navigator with Userlane implemented in the platform, they reported that they felt supported throughout the onboarding process. They felt as though they were taken by the hand throughout all the processes, which turned them into immediate power-users of the software. On average, onboarding time with Userlane embedded in the Azubi-Navigator software decreased by 5%.

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More tours for more features

The Azubi-Navigator team is planning to create more tours for the more complex functions of their software. In this way, existing customers will be given even more support. In addition, existing customers are expecting some new functionalities, which will also come with interactive tours.

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